Sunday, May 2, 2010

DOF No. 23

The Cambria shoreline offers endless colors and shapes.

DOF No. 22

I love this shape and texture. An older woman, passing by, told me that I would poke my eye out while I was taking this shot.


It is so odd that I am much more of a traditionalist B&W photographer, but vacations put me in the mood for color and even narrative imagery.

DOF No. 21

The colors, textures and light are so varied along the Central California Coastline, that I find myself drawn to these sort of DOF (depth of field) images. The opportunities for spectacular bokeh abound.

An Ocean

Just a few flowers singled out against an ocean of flowers.

Dawn Tidepools No. 2

The colors become more of what we are accustomed as the dawn makes its way to the shore.

Dawn Tidepool

Breaking of dawn lends an unusual light to the shortline tidepools.