Sunday, October 18, 2009

Strange Pair

With wide open space in a large field, this tree and concrete cylinder have decided to occupy the same three square feet of space.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mississippi No. 6

A dramatic sky serves to punctuate the shift from day to night along the Mississippi.

Mississippi No. 5

The edge of the Mississippi around New Orleans is encrusted with docking facilities reflecting the old and the new.

Mississippi No. 4

Though recently built, the paddle-wheel steamship Natchez still reflects the era from which it was conceived, with solid brass control boxes in lieu of LCD displays.

Mississippi No. 3

The late evening light suddenly shifts to a rich indigo blue.

Mississippi No. 2

20th century brick factories and even older plantation houses along the Mississippe surely have amazing stories to tell.

Mississippi No. 1

Ships from around the world quietly await their load along the shores of the Mississippi.

50's Iron

They really had some beautiful lines in those 50's era automobiles.


Fisheye perspective on a beautiful gold Caddy.

Night Light

The lights and colors take on very different qualities on a foggy night.

Predawn Fog

The fog amplifies the lavender hues of the predawn light.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

St. Loius Cathedral

St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter of New Orleans with Andrew Jackson in the foreground and boiling skies in the background.>

New Orleans Cemetery No. 20

Society for the relief of destitute orphan boys.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 19

Some of the tombs had elaborate ironwork fences and small gardens surrounding them.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 18

Rows and rows of above ground tombs in this New Orleans cemetery.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 17

Regularly attended.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 16

Short and to the point.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 15

The deep blue sky reflect off of all the white stone in this New Orleans cemetery.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 14

The door to this tomb looks like a typeset page of an old book.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 13

Tombs stand tall against the clear sky and searing sun.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 12

Ferns find a foothold in even the smallest of cracks.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 11

Head stone in a New Orleans Cemetery.


Frozen in an instant of time, water steps down a few feet of altitude as a canal crosses the Central Valley.


Rows of salvaged generators in an auction yard.


Restaurant mirror captured through a fisheye lens.