Friday, July 24, 2009

New Orleans Cemetery No. 10

The Lafayette Cemetery, just across from the Palace (Commodore's) Cafe has portions that are canopied by huge trees.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 9

This tomb looks like it has quite a story to tell - literally.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 8

Some of the tombs in these above ground cemeteries resemble high rise apartment buildings.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 7

Other tombs are very old and long since forgotten as the rot and crumble into a heap of rubble right before your eyes.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 6

There is definitely a surreal, if not other worldly feeling that one experiences as they get lost in the endless corridors of the New Orleans cemeteries.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 5

The St. Luis No. 1 Cemetery in New Orleans had some pretty interesting iron work as well.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 4

Entropy, in the form of decay, slowly erodes the above ground tombs of New Orleans.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 3

Some of the tombs were especially powerful in their imagery.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Orleans Cemetery No. 2

Flower offerings respectfully left at a tomb in the New Orleans St. Luis Cemetery No. 1.

New Orleans Cemetery No. 1

An 'oven vault' tomb in the New Orleans St. Luis Cemetery No. 1.

Portal No.49

This New Orleans doorway has seen good times come and go. After Katrina, this door looks to remain closed for while longer.

Portal No. 48

New Orleans is slowly coming back after Hurricane Katrina, but there are still many storefronts that have clearly been closed for a while.>

Emerson's Ginger Mint-Julep

The history of New Orleans is extremely varied and is one of the older cities in the US. Even so, it is hard to tell what is old and what is not so old.

Many Faces of NOLA

New Orleans is an amazing rich and diverse place. This image represents the fabulous swirl of color, sounds, smells and tastes that is New Orleans.


There are 12 varieties of Absynthe to get your brunch off to a good start at Cafe Amelie in New Orleans. Both of these were almost magical.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

DOF No. 10

Early morning stalks of 'Lillies of the Nile' about to bloom. A single stalk comes into focus and demands our attention.

DOF No. 9

Part of a continuing exploration in depth of field (DOF), or lack thereof, which is a great exercise for me since all of my medium format (Pentax 67II) B&W photography had sharp resolution from edge to edge.

DOF No. 8

This pair of succulent plants provided a nice rosette pattern with warm somewhat muted colors.

DOF No. 7

More experimentation with depth of field and the resulting bokeh.

DOF No. 6

Dew drenched gladiolas in the first light of the morning.>

DOF No. 6

This succulent plant provided and interesting background achieved through minimal depth of field to create an interesting bokeh effect.

DOF No. 5

Flower cluster just emerging in the dew drenched early morning on the Cambria coast, shot with extremely low depth of field.

DOF No. 4

Huge separation achieved through low depth of field (DOF) at f1.8 using a 50mm lens.

DOF No. 3

I am very pleased with the bokeh that this Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens produced.

DOF No. 2

These depth of field exercises were primarily shot just after dawn on the California coast using a Nikon D200 with a Nikon DX 50mm lens most often set around f1.8-4.

DOF No. 1

This image is part of a series that I will post where I exercised depth of field (DOF) to achieve isolation and focus on the subject, or even a small aspect of the subject.

California Coastline

This is the sort of image that typifies what we think of as our mind wanders up the California coastline;, early morning fog licking the base of the tremendously steep shoreline as massive fingers of rock jut out into the Pacific.

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle is a fascinating almalgamation of modern construction techniques (i.e., steel reinforced concrete) combined with the a classical aesthetic and countless artifacts from numerous regions and periods, the confluence of which is spectacularly beautiful.

Casa Grande

The main house of the compound that constitutes the Hearst Castle has the architectural countenance of a church.

Cambria Sandstone

The sandstone along the Cambria Pines coastline has some wonderful colors and forms that show up especially well, still wet with the morning dew, and before to harsh afternoon sun obscures them.


Leaving Las Vegas and driving out to the coast, the landscape that surrounds Las Vegas is searing hot, vast, and totally barren, reminding us, that Las Vegas is bizarre in so many ways, but none so bizarre as its very existence.

Wynn Corridor

The Wynn demonstrates attention to detail throughout every aspect of the hotel. Here we are in a simple corridor off of the main gambling. You can see the richness of the decor and attention to detail, not to mention, I could not resist shooting a photo in this convex mirror.>

Poolside Brunch

Brunch at the Wynn provides a display of life in Vegas. The boisterous and already drinking commingle with the quietly reading and well basted at the pool. At the other end of the pool are the brightly colored cabanas for those that wish to have some more private and luxuriant accomodations, or just wishing to demonstrate their disposable income level. There are several interlinked pools, including the one at the farthest end for those still young and beautiful wishing to wear less, and show more, at the while sun bathing and partying at the pool.

Parasol Shades

This heap of parasols covered the ceiling over a bar in Las Vegas and provide a soft warm light for ambiance.


The Wynn, and now the Encore, have a butterfly motif throughout the hotel. Here is mosaic butterfly at the bottom of a pool, delicately distorted by small ripples on the surface of the water.

The Wynn

We always stay at the Wynn, which I think is unparalleled in Vegas for class, quality service, superb dining, and much less idiotically raucous clientèle.

Vegas Driveby No. 3

This scene is a classic setting on the outskirts of Vegas replete with $29/night accomodations.

Vegas Driveby No. 2

This facility was shot through the car window as we drove by. I believe this was the Borax plant on Highway 41.

Vegas Driveby No. 1

This was taken through the side window while driving at 80mph on the way to Las Vegas. The sky was wonderfully dramatic.