Sunday, June 28, 2009

Graffiti No. 9

I came across the very concise and poignant message on the interior wall of a bunker ruin on the Marin Headlands overlooking the mouth of the San Francisco Bay.

Graffiti No. 8

Went on a back roads motorcycle ride today and out of nowhere, this rock appears, absolutely covered with colorful tags.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Modesto American Graffiti #10

This was a fabulous looking 67' Vette with tremendously flared fenders accomodating huge rims and tires.

Modesto American Graffiti #9

The 37' Ford Club Cabriolet was flawlessly executed.

Modesto American Graffiti #8

This 53' Chevy Belair we dressed to the 9's while it was resting in the shade. It seemed like it would be accompanied by a seresucker suit, a mint julep and down-home southern hospitality.

Modesto American Graffiti #7

This timeless Thunderbird was a real beauty.

Modesto American Graffiti #6

You have to have a at least one 49' Merc lead sled with frenched lights, shaved door handles, decked hood and a chopped top.

Modesto American Graffiti #5

Not all of the cars were 50's and earlier as evidenced by this custom Shelby Ford Mustang.

Modesto American Graffiti #4

This was a gorgeous Dodge flatbed stakeside truck restored to be a Gallo (John) Farms truck.

Modesto American Graffiti #3

This Studebaker Hawk looks like a Batmobile from behind.

Modesto American Graffiti #2

This Boyce MotoMeter on this older Ford is classic.

Modesto American Graffiti #1

Here is a nice looking hood ornament from a Studebaker.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Modesto American Graffiti Car Show

Modesto is revving up for its annual homage to its 'American Graffiti' heritage with more than two weeks of street nights and car shows with the main events occurring the night of June 12 and all day on June 13 and 14 at the Modesto Junior College (more info).

Root Beer Metalflake

This lovely vintage Cadillac had a deep root beer metalflake finish.


This beautiful early fifties (53) Chevy is heavly engraved and gold plated with detailed appointments including pinstriping and airbrushed graphics, covering every inch of the car.

Sport Suburban

This wagon, finished in salmon, makes you want to gather up the family and pile in for a road trip and picnic.

Candy Flames

No American Graffiti Car Show would be complete without a wild flame paint job like this.

Graffiti No. 7

This graffiti adorned an agricultural building on the side of Highway 99 south of Stockton. The colors were absolutely stunning.

Portal No. 47

There are some pretty interesting old and weathered buildings in the Stockton Port area.

Stockton Port

Here is a wonderful old building at the Stockton Port. It has probably housed many different businesses over the years.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

57 Isetta

How could anyone pass up this timeless beauty. The Isetta was more like a motorcycle with an enclosed body than a car. This one had an outrageous metalic orange paint job.

Farmer's Market

The Modesto Farmer's Market has a fabulous selection of organic produce. You might even think that you are in Europe.


More from the Farmer's Market.

Still More

Just look at these vine ripened tomatoes.


The delicate and pure white of this fresh Magnolia blossom seemed the perfect metaphor for absolute purity.

Alpine Lake

This boiling sky was about to shower marble-sized rain upon us as we marvelled at their reflection upon Alpine Lake.

Surreal Foliage

The foliage in our garden was so colorful and lush this spring and it stood out wonderfully against the fresh blue sky dotted with pillowy white clouds.


The columns of this overpass had very nice lines, yet the surface was cracked, etched and stained with slight golden hue created by the late afternoon settling into early evening.

Friday, June 5, 2009

No Admittance

There were countless old building, such as this one, to be found in the areas along the perimeter of the Port of Stockton.

Light Waves

This high contrast image of an ancient pool is further dramatized as waves reflect and bend light as the pass across the surface.

Standing Still

Turbulent water is amazing to look at when you are able to freeze a moment in time with a fast shutter speed.

Canal No. 19

The canals step their way down the very gentle changes in a altitude as they make their way across the Central Califonia Valley.


There are only two ways to go on Carver Road, and like so many moments in our lives, you have to choose one of them.

Solemn Hands

These marble hands, praying, were at the top of a cinder-block structure that looks like it was once tomb in a graveyard.

Monday, June 1, 2009


The Stanislaus shows its sparkling alpine orgins here as we get closer to the snow melt source in the Sierras.

Railway Signals

These signals stood defiantly against the searing sun on a Central Valley summer afternoon.


The stamen and pistil of this Magnolia bloom boldly bursts from within the chiffon-like coverature of the petals.