Sunday, May 31, 2009


This late 40's Ford dump truck seems to still be operational, though every aspect of the truck looks to be losing its battle against the elements.


With the letter pickup flag up an door open, this mailbox seems frozen in time.

Canal No. 18

This perspective on an irrigation canal renedered some interesting soft blues resulting from the penetrating mid-day sun.

Steel Shack

This stainless steel structure was dramatically weathered and very colorful as it reflected its surroundings.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alpine Sign

I came across this sign consisting of stacked rocks along the roadside on my way up to Alpine Lake this morning. The sky was very dramatic as it was deciding where and when it was going to rain.


I came across a collection of fabulous antique cars at Angels Camp this afternoon. I loved the details such as this radiator ornament.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Canal No. 17

The grid work of canals criss crossing the Central Valley provide water for all of the agriculture located here. They take a myriad of shapes and configurations. This segment is accompanied by high tension power lines on either side, like an electric fence that contains creatures that are 100 ft. tall.


This arched structure of gleaming white material offered stark contrast in brightness and form against the brilliant blue Central Valley mid-day sky. I met the Manager (great people) of this hulling and shelling company and may get the opportunity to have an inside view of his operations.

Graffiti No. 6

This rail car had some very interesting graffiti looking a bit tribal in its style. I loved the way it almost levitated off of the surface.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Amadores de Turlock

This Cavaleiro had a unique style where he would charge the bull head on. You can see the dust that this bull is kicking up as he prepares to charge the Cavaleiro and his horse. (over 500 pictures can be seen here)

Amadores de Turlock

These are bloodless bullfights (also known as Portuguese tourada, corrida de touros or tauromaquia). Here you see the Cavaleiro using a banderilla, a long spear, with tassles or some kind of a decoration around it, to stab the velcro pad affixed to the bull's shoulders, instead off actually stabbing the bull.

Amadores De Turlock

The bulls wear a hard leather sheath over their horns, however, the horses have to possess considerable bravery to endure the periodic strikes from the bulls.

Amadores de Turlock

As you can see, this is one pissed-off bull. Weighing in at 6-7 times the weight of the Matador; finesse is the name of the game, not brute force.

Amadores de Turlock

It is not all glamour and glory though. The finale of each bullfight happens when the Forcados essentially tackle the weary bull. In this case, the 1,400 pound bull tackled them instead.

Amadores de Turlock

The action was this close throughout the day. Skill and bravery were not in short supply here!

Amadores de Turlock

The Cavaleiros were elegant, bold and heroic, transporting us all back 100's of years to a time where traditions and pride were more prevalent.

Amadores de Turlock

This Matador was more mature than the other of the Portuguese bullfighters and also was more seasoned, and confident. Doesn't he look spectacular here?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Street Culverts

The corrugated steel pipe sections were over 6 feet in diameter and were perforated across their entire surface with 10's of thousands of small holes.

Silo Ladder

Who knows what lies up and between these too heavily stained and aged silos.

Silos No. 12

These silos look as though they are bound im some form of intricate japanese rope bondage or perhaps they are wearing an industrual grade corset. In any case, it is both peculiar and provocative in a strange sort of way.

Tank Residue

The residue on this tank created a wild, fractal looking pattern on the side of the this tank as it etched away the paint and left a crystalline residue in it's place.

Silos No. 11

These Silos were huge and ominous; enshrouded in the low frequency yet penetrating hum of a commercial facility that is quiesced for the Memorial Day weekend. It was eerie to be here because if felt as though it was put into idle mode, and then abandoned.


As these tracks lead in and out of this commercial facility, the tanker cars leave residue on gravel surrounding the tracks.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Some retail displays in the Las Vegas casinos, such as this Dior showcase window, are reminiscent of the 70's in their pop art nature.

Tagged Train

I think of trains with graffiti as a rolling art installation... as sort of Museum of Modern Art on wheels.


This rail car graffiti is so wonderfully graphic. It seems to me to be a modern day equivalent of okra spit through a reed stalk.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yosemite Falls

The early spring melt has the falls running full blast and the streams are swollen with crystal clear water and brilliant colors.

Altamont Pass

The Altamont Pass has a lot of intrigue for me. The weather between the coast and the valley has a lot of interaction on the ridge of this small coastal range, which makes for a very dynamic sky. Furthermore, the power generating windmills located here are always fascinating to me.