Thursday, January 8, 2009

Atotinilco No. 7

One corner of the church in Atotinilco had a turret not unlike a castle.

Iglésia No. 12

This church was just outside Atotinilco. It was completely locked up so we could not even get close to it, but it was very charming our vantage through the gates.

Shadows No. 6

This tree and wall were on the edge of the property of a chapel just outside Atotinilco, Mexico.

Ruins for Sale

Is anyone interested in buy the ruins, in all or in part, on the back side of 17th century church in Atotinilco, Mexico?

Streets of San Miguel

Everything about San Miguel is picturesque. This beautiful city provides ample photographic opportunities regardless of whether you use film or digital, black and white or color. The only thing I would recommend against is any camera too large and unwieldy for the very narrow sidewalks and very fast shots before being run over by a car (i.e., larger than a Mamiya or Pentax 67)

Iglésia No. 11

Like most of the churches here in San Miguel, the architecture of Templo de Nuestra Señor de la Salud is fabulous.

Shadows No. 5

The shadows are enshrouding the brilliant path of light cut by the afternoon sun as it beams through the doorway.

Shadows No. 4

These palm frond shadows across the stucco side of a church are evocative of someplace tropical.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Atotinilco No. 6

Here is the understated exterior of the chapel in Atotinilco, Mexico. The interior really starts to compete with the Sistine Chapel in the sense that the frescos or divine, and the side chapels are ornate beyond description.

Atotinilco No. 5

More of the spectacular ceilings in the chapel.

Atotinilco No. 4

Here is another image of the many frescos painted on the ceilings in the chapel at Atotinilco, Mexico.

Atotinilco No. 3

This exquisite room in the Atotinilco chapel is on the approach to the famous silver room, which was unfortunately not open when I went there.

Atotinilco No. 2

The ceilings of the chapel in Atotinilco are truly stunning. Some call it the Sistine chapel of the Americas.

Atotonilco No. 1

The chapel in Atotonilco is truly spectacular.

Shadows No. 3

Early morning shadows cast from a row of potted bird of paradise on the roof across the street.

Bluer than Blue

I have to admit that I have shot this perspective on this house before, but I can not resist how powerful the contrast is between the sky and the yellow of the stucco.

Graffiti No. 4

I don't know whether to title this as a weathered wall, graffiti or portal, but it definitely caught my eye.

Graffiti No. 3

The signage around San Miguel is wonderfully colorful and so strangely juxtaposed against the heavily aged structures that they are plastered upon.

Portal No. 45

Though most of the portals in San Miguel are truly beautiful, there are some ruins where all that remains is the front or facade.

Strange Hole

This little cave (let's call it a bodega) seemed rather cavernous.

Shadows No. 2

The morning light in San Miguel renders lovely soft shadows that enhance the already dramatic colors and textures.


The interior of the San Miguel churches are lined with altars depicting various religious scenes, none more than than crucifixion of Christ. Members of the church take their time to pay appropriate honor to each altar as they enter and depart from the church.

Beautiful Churches

The is an abundant supply of beauty here in San Miguel, but probably none that surpasses what you can find in the churches.

Jesus 7

What an amazing address.

Spectacular Frescos

Many of the frescos found in the churches here in San Miguel are truly extraordinary, but even more so when you consider that they were painted 100's of years ago.

Portal No. 43

I probably will not rest till I have photographed half the doors in San Miguel.


There are a couple of fabulous open air marketplaces in San Miguel.

La Parroquia

A collection of photos from San Miguel simply must have a shot of La Parroquia at night.

Vanishing Point

The graphic element of these converging lines necessitated that I shoot this in black and white.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I love the afternoon shadows as the stretch way down the sides of the buildings her in San Miguel.


Her is another of the countless nativity scenes leading up to the celebration of King's day.

San Miguel

This is a typical street in San Miguel.


Mysterious floating shadows on the wall of a San Miguel building

La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel

Located in the central plaza (jardine principal), La Parroquia is the centerpiece of San Miguel. It is interesting to note the neogothic exterior was added as a facade was added in 1886.

King's Day

All of the churches in San Miguel have setup some sort of altar in preparation for King's day.


I certainly respect this request. Though San Miguel has a wonderful collection of beautiful churches, they are not here as a walking architectural museum, they are places of worship, and the member of the community make use of these churches every day.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe takes as very prominent position in the iconic hierarchy of the Christian churches of Mexico.

Sagrado Corazón No.4

The Sacred Heart is kept here under lock and key.

Sagrado Corazón No. 3

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ intrigues for reasons that I can not explain.

Nativity Scene No.1

Most of the churches in San Miguel have set up a nativity scene in preparation for Kings Day (January 6th).


San Miguel has countless churches, each with numerous Jesus figures.

San Miguel Citizen No. 10

This woman (her name is Soladad) is a common sight on the streets of San Miguel. They can be found on sidewalks and sometimes walking around, selling hand crafted dolls.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weathered Wall No. 12

I find that this sort of ancient looking wall is so common here that I now think of it as the 'San Miguel patina'.

Noplales Cactus

The Nopales Cactus is not only beautiful in color and form, but is also used for its leaves and fruits in many recipes.

Christmas Decor

The streets of San Miguel are still decorated with a wonderful array of Christmas decorations that are suspended overhead.

Prelude to King's Day

As a precursor to King's day (Jan 6th) the Jardine was filled with colorful and wild dancing dolls. This 10ft. giant came over and beckoned me to dance!

San Miguel Citizen No. 9

I enjoyed the fact that this woman watched me take pictures of seemingly inane subjects, giggling and smirking at my lunacy. Little did she know that she was about to become one of my subjects. I really liked how her form and the grey color of her clothing stood out against the wall behind her.