Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shadows in the Snow

This crooked pine tree left its shadow on the snow in such a way it almost looked like a peacock tail.

Residual Effect

As the last remaining snows begins to melt in the shadows of the Sierra forest, the residual of various dust, bark, and pine needles concentrate in spots to leave some eerie patterns of intense color.

Life Begins Anew

As the snow recedes in the high sierras, the meadows begin their cycle again. Each day the snow is retreating a few feet, revealing the once the dried meadow, last seen just before the first snow, now soggy and bare, the meadow will once again be green and grassy within another couple of days.

Corrugated Steel

It was 106 degrees Fahrenheit today in the central California valley. I can only imagine how hot it might be inside this steel structure

Sunday, May 11, 2008

No Parking

Ironically, with a barn washed in colors like these, I had to instantly pull over, park, and take a picture.


There is something strange and surreal about this silo. It almost looks like some sort of ancient lookout tower that is all that his left standing amongst the ruins of a lost culture that we know nothing about.

Brief Visit

Our stay on this planet is very brief, with no more assurance of duration or permanence than that which is given a shadow resting on the surface of a bed windblown grasses.

Snow Melt

As the winter's snow melts and the stream are full , sparkling, bubbling and cold, the sun bounces off the rich colors of the rock, showing all it has, having been freshly bathed by the frothing waters.

Salior's Delight

Amazingly colorful and dramatic evening sky.


This ground cover could almost be mistaken for some sort of microscopic spores or some other unusual organism.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Raw Water

Makes you wonder doesn't it? What might 'raw water' be in contrast to natural, pure or processed water? Where does it go and what is it used for? (more images)

Bucolic Windmill

Moments like this, no matter how cliche or trite they may be considered, just have to be photographed.


This series of large diameter brilliantly white composite pipes (more images) stood in stark contrast against the blue sky and the rich golden brown of the dried meadow.


The sleepy little 'gold country' hamlet of Volcano has 85 inhabitants.

1957 BMW Isetta

This outrageous super mini-car (more images) was painted in a wild metalflake psychedelic orange. The Isetta has a brief a varied history