Thursday, April 3, 2008

Portal No. 41

Clearly, if your are into colorful and rustic architecture, San Miguel is the place to go. I never tire of the colors, textures and shapes here.

Globos Pequeño

Any time there is something going on in the San Miguel jardin, street vendors will be there to sell balloons (globos), ice cream and other things such as jewelry.


All of the Santa Semana processions in San Miguel had one or more musical elements. This procession had fireworks, a brass band, a drumming team accompanied by sword dancers, a choir and this troop of guitarists.

San Miguel Citizen No. 8

This was a wonderfully docile donkey, whom I found tied up outside a church during services leading up to Easter here in San Miguel.

Jardin de San Miguel

The central park and garden in San Miguel is raised above the street level with lovely tree and a pergola. Everyone comes to, spends some time in , and meets people at the Jardin. These steps lead up to the Jardin.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

La Herradura

If it is not obvious, herradura means horseshoe. I am totally enamored with the mustard yellow of the San Miguel buildings juxtaposed against the high altitude sky. And look and the stains and textures of this wall.