Monday, January 28, 2008


Really enjoyed how the dimly lit wall went to black relative to the powerful light from the semi-transparent sconce.


I loved the intensely contrasting colors of this SoCal hotel pool.


Between the Lines

The San Diego Airport Security threatened to call the police because they thought I was trying to photograph through the slats in the blinds to capture whatever was behind there. It is interesting what each person sees and takes away from the same situation - in my case, I could not have cared less what was behind the blinds, rather, the translucent reflections in the window juxtaposed against the converging lines of the blinds was all I even thought about.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Avec Douche

The soft waves of shadows and luminous shower curtain folds was irresistible.

Brushed Stainless

The ice machine in the hotel was encased in a stainless steel shell and provided a very interesting surface for a reflected image such as this self portrait.

Flying Rest

This aerodynamically shaped aluminum bench was well suited for the aeronautical theme of the Sacramento Airport.

Standing Column

Here is another column. This one was found in the restaurant of a grandiose hotel in La Jolla, California.

Frozen Flow

This concrete column flowed and spilled onto the earth like honey might look as is flowed onto a hard surface.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


This was a wonderful display in the storefront window of a high end retail store in Las Vegas. It definitely harkened back to the 60's.

Orchard Panorama

This foggy morning rendered this orchard looking as though it went on forever.


This seat back at the Stockton Airport provided an interesting shape, texture, reflectivity and color contrast to the wall behind it.

Turn of the Century

These rollers were found in a turn of the century textile mill in central Mexico. I loved the density of the rust orange color.

Reflecting Puddle

This image was taken at an almond farmers production facility on a wet and foggy morning and the reflection provided a nice point of view abstraction.

Portal of the Day

I continue to be fascinated by, what I perceive to be, mysterious portals to some other place, and which are found all around us in our every day lives. Is this really a sewer, such an odd location, or is it a portal disguised to look like a sewer?

Eerie Canal

I also continue to find new perspectives on the canals that lattice the central California landscape, as they never seem lose their interest to me.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


There was nothing warm nor inviting about this laundromat as it stood so cold and bare on this winter morning.


There is something very strange and spooky about bare trees in the fog on a winter day.

Another Portal

Here is yet another strange portal that looks like some sort of ventilation tube for a subterranean habitat... perhaps Hobbits?

Red Carpet

The mulch that is laid down as a byproduct of the almond harvesting leaves a carpet that is brilliantly colored with orange and red with bits of green, radiating intense color on a cold foggy morning.


There is a reason that the Central California Valley is called the 'breadbasket of the nation'... here we are in the dead of winter, and yet look at this opulently colored mound of greens at the edge of a field.


I am forever fascinated by these sort of portals... leading to 'God only knows where'.

Bizarre Vent

There are places in the Central California Valley where the irrigation canals go underground, and therefore require vents, which appear in the oddest places.

Foggy Canal

The Central Valley (California) irrigation canals are drained for the winter and provide for interesting images as they dissolve into distant fog.

Big Valve

The early morning fog makes the colors especially vibrant. Even when photographing the most mundane objects.