Monday, December 24, 2007

One More Church

This church was located within a block of the prior two. That makes for an impressive density ratio of churches to other buildings and citizens.

Another Church

This church is located in San Miguel, right next to the one shown in the previous posting, yet, it is no less spectactular.


There is no such thing as a plain and simple church in Mexico. True, the churches in the countryside may be of more humble means, but will still find a way to be ornate.

Corazón Sagrado

Anywhere you go in Mexico, you can find street vendors with a huge variety of religious paraphernalia.

Thorny Crown

There are some many differing depictions of Christ, but none so vividly portraying the suffering, as is found in a Latin American church.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fenetre No. 1

I will let you decide for yourself on this one.


This wall had such an amazing array of color, textures and forms that is almost seemed like it could be some sort of animate object, or at least organic, like a massive orange that has begun to rot and mold.


This staircase was so illuminated as a result of reflected light entering it from both ends, that it did not seem natural. There is also an M. C. Escher aspect to this image in the sense that it can seem like you are looking down, or up, the stairs... both make sense to your eyes.


I like the symbolism that I get from this image. So often in life, we are presented with two options, one right next to the other, almost identical, yet distinct, each leading to a different ultimate destination.


One of the things I love about a superwide angle lens is that they can offer tremendous depth of field. Another thing I like about this type of lens is that they are very fast, allowing handheld photography under very low light conditions, even night shots.

Flying Buttress

This flying buttress almost defied one's sense of practical design regarding the feasibility of it adding any substantial structural support to this church. However, I certainly do get how the name 'flying buttress' was arrived upon.


In contrast to the prior post, here is a dimpled stainless steel column under similar lighting conditions in the early morning hours at an airport.


This is the curved and perforated brushed stainless steel interior of an airport phone boot.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yet Another

Here is yet another intriguing doorway from a courtyard to the interior of a building in Mexico.

One Last Doorway

Behind this doorway, one would most likely find a lush and colorful, peaceful and classically designed courtyard.

Another Doorway

As I mentioned in my previous posting, the doorways in Mexico are simply wonderful.


The doorways in San Miguel are spectacular. One after another, they all have some degree of texture, form, color, dimension and rhythm that captivated my eye.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Black and white is still my first love. I was mesmerized by the light playing off of this stream of water from this fountain, but also the soft waves of light that wash across the depths of the water.


Again, simplifying objects into patterns can, strangely, create even greater intrigue.


The early light strikes a glancing blow across the side of this building and amplifies the gritty texture of the stucco.


There is a wonderful fusion of old and new in Mexico, as illustrated by this advertisement, plastered and painted in the brilliant colors of today, yet achieved in the same manner as has been done for 100's if not 1000's of years.


Having only really started to focus on color these last couple of months, I have to admit that I may be infatuated with big, bold chewy splashes of sumptuous color such as this paper flower in contrast with these shadowy grave ruins in Mexico.


Everyday places and things are easily isolated from their usual context just enough to render a new perspective. I like abstracting things into primal shapes and patterns such as this building and sidewalk.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I may have mentioned it before.... I have a 'thing' about mysterious and curious portals such as this one.


I really enjoyed the police on horse back that wore the uniforms of the time when San Miguel d'Allende was founded.


This hole in the side of a building was shot in such a way that it has a feeling of motion... it is as though the wall was speeding by.


Stairways that dissolve into darkness are a wonderful black and white study.

Wedding Present

I recently made a teak table as a wedding present for a very close friend. There are more pictures of the entire construction if you wish (here).