Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dream Guitars

Speaking of 'Dream Guitars'. Here are two Fender Stratocaster I have recently built.

The Seafoam Green Strat is built on a USA body (Ash) which I painted with nitrocellulose paint, wet sanded, clear coated and hand rubbed to get that vintage finish. All the components are carefully selected for vintage look and sound. The 54' pickups are from the Fender Custom Shop. Knobs, pickguard, pickup covers and tremolo covers are all aged mint green. The neck is an 80' USA Strat maple neck with lots of birdseye and flame across the back with Fender chrome locking tuners. This guitar is a dream, it plays (you can hear it on this audio clip), feels and looks wonderful and it evokes a sense of the 50's just to see it.
The Olympic White Strat built around Lace Gold Sensor pickups with a 7 way switch that allows neck and bridge combinations as well as the more traditional. The body and tremolo are also vintage. The neck is a Mighty Mite licensed neck made of maple with an ebony fingerboard and jumbo frets. The frets combined with a 9.5" radius make this neck silky smooth for bends. The neck was finished with a vintage toner, bootleg decals, nitrocellulose lacquer and satin locking tuners. This guitar is also a dream, but very different than my Seafoam Green Strat, so the two are very complimentary.

But most of all, it is very satisfying to have guitars that really meet your specific needs and even more satisfying to have designed and assembled them yourself (click links to see more images of the Seafoam or Olympic White Strats).

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