Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I wonder what Sigmund Freud might have to say about my fascination with deep, dark, mysterious pools. I can not deny this fascination since it makes itself so clearly evident in my photography. Furthermore, it is the raw, unedited aspect of creating artistic imagery through photography, that concerns me a little since it seems to reveal inner secrets (secrets that I don't even know about myself). I say this as much of my imagery is dark and foreboding (see http://www.jamessims.com/) and I do not feel that way, nor do I believe I project that sort of persona in my daily life.

Do I have some dark side that I do not get to consciously get to tap into and explore? It is hard for me to analyze because it appears that I only have a sort of secondhand access to this aspect of myself, which I only discovered accidentally through the expression of my photography.

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Anonymous said...

James - I find this blog entry even more interesting given:

a) your curiosity regarding the San Miguel portals ("entries" to what?); and

b) your curiosity of portals not so obvious (more symbolic) - see Houston trash can photo which is strangely reminiscent of an "entry" as well.