Monday, October 15, 2007


We certainly are a product of all the influences in our lives. As I grew up, I was exposed to the arts constantly. My mother was an artist, and at times, such as when we lived in Mendocino, we were totally immersed in the arts. Other influences include my uncle Rick who was very skilled at complicated projects and I loved hanging out with him as he restored his Morgan. My grandfather had a couple of lumber yards, one was retail and the other was a commercial yard. I loved to go the lumber yards, smell the wood, watch all the activity, I especially liked to go into the sheds where the more exotic hardwoods were stored. I eventually worked some summers there once I was old enough. L astly, my mother served as the Director for the Baulines Crafts Guild, which exposed me to world class craftsmen.

Clearly, all of this has had an impact on me as I love to design and build my own furniture. This coffee table is my own design and construction. It has a deck of solid spalted maple with walnut edge, the construction is mortise and tenon, and the legs are hand shaped to gently curve outwards. This table was finished by wet sanding with various oils and finally waxed. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to have everyday pieces like this in our home, not to mention, it is such a great counter balance to my work, to produce something lasting and tangible, since that is so contrary to technology.

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