Sunday, October 21, 2007

Other's Eyes

This last week has been quite wonderful. I had a few of my dearest friends come together, along with my lovely wife, for an evening to honor the fact that I am about to turn 50. It was a very nice evening in the company of a few of the finest people I know.

This is a picture that one of my buddies took of me as I was fingerpicking a few songs before dinner. You know, we are not often really all that aware how we appear to those around, us, as a person, or just to look at us, and I thought that this image captured some of what I hope I do look like when others are in my company. I had shared this blog with a handful of my friends and was gratiously treated with some very kind and positive feedback regarding this blog, more specifically, the sort of person that I am. That makes me extremely happy, as I am striving to be a better person, in a myriad of dimensions, everyday. My response back to each of you is, thank you for being you... sincerely.

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