Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No Contest

It is just incredible. As much as I love and admire the creative capacity within human beings, nature has the most amazing capacity for beauty, at the macro and micro levels. Take this tropical leaf for example. The complex patterns of dark and light green segmented by the veins, and accented by the jewel-like drops of water, is magnificent. I really enjoyed just taking in the detail of this before I ever got around to photographing it.

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Anonymous said...

The wonderous thing here is why, as humans, do we think it is so beautiful? what is our fascination with such occurances? why do we compare something as versatile and life-supporting as water to something that only has qualities of rarity and light refraction? why do we view jewels--that are less practical--as more impressive? Is it because jewels are unique and can manipulate something as great and powerful as light while water just aids our existence? In that case, aren't we simply taking water for granted by comparing it to a jewel? And then we come back to the real, vital question that for some reason, we all strive to discover: why are we existing? Personally, if humans before have yet to figure it out, the real question should be why do we worry about the reason for life; why don't we just live instead and bask in the beauty of occurences like the leaf with droplets of water?

A thought stream from,
Kaitlyn L. Fiechtner =)

btw, gorgeous picture, what type of camera do you use? And I sure miss talking with you (even though it was for just one evening lol.)