Monday, October 15, 2007

Third Time is the Charm?

I guess I am just not meant to be in Mendocino, however, I sure do miss it. I lived there with my family in 67 and again in 69 with a little more time spent, after my family decided to move away again, living with my older friend, and at that time, idol, Stan Kelly. That was until my father was murdered (a day or so before my birthday) and I needed to go live re-united with my family who were in Hermosa Beach at the time.

However, I longed to return to Mendocino. It retained all sorts of boyhood discoveries, a la 'Summer of 42', and sweet memories. Not only was I living on the beautiful Northern California coast, but this was the late 60's and all sorts of strange and wonderful things transpired in this place at that time.

The third time around, my wife and I bought this wonderful home, on the edge of the Jackson State forest in Mendocino. We owned for 5 years, though I only lived there for a year as economic challenges forced me to be elsewhere on consulting engagements so that we could make ends meet. Finally, we surrendered and sold the home so that we could be together and live a more consistent life, with a permanent position in the Central Valley.

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