Monday, October 15, 2007

Portal to the Real World

Isn't it strange? We create these isolated cocoons that encapsulate us, protecting us from anything outside of the 76 degree temperature controlled, hepa filtered, security monitored environs of our homes, automobiles and offices.

When is the last time you walked in the rain along a fern lined creek, just beginning to swell with the first fallen moisture of the season - boots all muddy, pants and jacket covered in moss, leaves and dirt clinging to you with the wetness that is slowly soaking into all of your clothing, and your ears ringing with the sound that is pouring out of your head in the absence of the constant urban roar that is a blend of automobiles, constructions, sprinkler systems, and trash trucks and police sirens?

How did we get to the point that we prefer the artificial world of THX surround sound and huge plasma display HDTVs over a stroll along the seashore and the sounds of waves punctuated by the cries of gulls surfing the Autumn winds?

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