Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Butterfly Effect

A friend of mine and I had an interesting conversation the other day. He was going to give a talk at his church. His objective was to encourage the members to take a more active role in aiding our population of homeless people. As we discussed it, we determined that it would not be a successful tactic to force people to confront, head on, the realities of the homeless... as it is not all that uncommon for folks to prefer to remain in denial about these realities.

As we discussed it further, we thought, perhaps it might be more effective if he could take a different and more positive spin on this challenging topic. What if he used the 'Butterfly Effect' as an illustration of the opportunity that we all have with regard to the homeless. Who knows, just as the single flap of a butterfly's wings might have far reaching implications, perhaps there might sometimes be the same sort of profound impacts to some of these people's lives through the simple acts of kindness such as food, clothing and shelter, a little compassion, respect and understanding.

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