Sunday, October 14, 2007

Amazing People

While waiting for a table to have breakfast in a crowded Berkeley restaurant, we met this amazing man. We invited him to join us for breakfast, which also enabled us to sit sooner since we now had a larger party. He actually met Herman Goering during the intermission at an opera in Germany around the start of World War II. As a Jew, he was very unhappy and disturbed with what was going on in Germany and was not willing to kowtow to Herman Goering (which was noted at the time). Shortly afterwards, he managed to escape Germany and through a long journey, eventually arrive in the US to carry out his remaining years in the US. Imagine getting the chance to hear about those times from someone that saw it first hand. (p.s., that is my wife with him).

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Unknown said...

Next time you are in LA, go to the Museum of Tolerance on a day when a Holocaust Survivor is giving a talk. They will soon all be gone, so now is the opportunity to meet and hear someone's story in person.